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When the need to replace an existing roof arises, there is no putting it off. Replacing the roof is urgent, but blindly hiring the first roofing contractor interviewed is a mistake.

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Until recently, suggesting anything but asphalt was strange. Asphalt shingles are the traditional residential roofing material. Asphalt is a thick roofing option that typically costs less regarding material costs and installation. There is a variety of styles available.

Asphalt is a good fit for most homes. Some daring homeowners choose asphalt because they want roofing to be a Do-It-Yourself project. Asphalt shingles are appealing in the case of damage occurrence. An owner climbs on the roof and does the repair.

In most locations, an asphalt roof lasts 50 years or more. Adverse weather conditions sometimes affect the lifespan of asphalt roofing. Despite those conditions, an asphalt roof withstands the weather for at least 25 years with proper maintenance. Asphalt is the least expensive of the two options, comes in virtually any color, and goes well with nearly all home designs. 


Metal roofs hold a prominent place in industry and commercial use. Using metal for residential roofing is a relatively new concept. Cheap metal roofs are indeed cheap in quality. Quality metal roofing has some significant advantages. Extreme longevity tops the list.

Metal roofs last a century. All but the cheapest metal roofs offer superior element protection. Roofers fashion metal into nearly any roofing design imaginable. It is even possible for metal roofing to imitate shingles.

Metal roofs are a reliable, dependable option. The price is the most limiting factor. Cheap metal roofs cost more than expensive asphalt. Few people choose to settle for cheap metal roofing. A metal roof that fits into a budget is a great option.




In the mental battle between longevity and price, asphalt roofing options typically last just as long as you own the home. If extreme weather is a problem, metal is likely the better option. Be aware that option costs considerably more. 

As far as longevity, it is hard to find roofing material that lasts longer than well-made metal. Metal roofs are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. Some look like popular asphalt roofs. High-end metal sometimes costs four times as much as asphalt.

Cheap metal roofing performs poorly under snowy or rainy conditions or strong winds. Those weather conditions need to be a consideration when choosing roofing material. Cheap metal roofs allow the sound of every raindrop to carry. Cheap metal is not an attractive option.

When money is not an issue, metal roofing designs that look beautiful are plentiful. They offer superior extreme weather performance and have a quiet, comfortable feel.

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