At Hometown Roofing, we believe that our customer service sets us apart from almost any other roofing company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. And while many companies can make that claim, we choose to back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Principally, slate and tile roofing are noteworthy for their exceptional beauty. Both slate and tile are available in a huge assortment of colors and styles, allowing for almost limitless customization and personalization. 

Slate roofs are made from 100% natural stone. At Hometown Roofing, we have access to a wide variety of colors and styles to really make your roof look beautiful. So if you want the appearance of your home or commercial property to make a statement about your aesthetic sensibilities, then you should explore slate and tile roofing services.

Additionally, slate in particular has an incredible life expectancy: You can reasonably expect a newly installed slate roof to last a full 150 years before needing to be replaced. On top of that, they feature relatively low maintenance and only need periodic care.

Likewise, slate and tile come with the added safety of fire-resistance, ensuring your home is protected from the potential threat of wildfires, sparks from fireworks or adjacent house fires. More than other roofing materials, slate and tile roofs are ecologically sound, accounting for very little of the roofing waste that’s sent to landfills every year thanks to its longevity.

Another way our service is just a cut above the rest is the way we approach roofing materials. When you choose Hometown Roofing, we lay out all the options, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and then let you make the choice. 

After all, it’s your home. Our goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive roofing product; it’s to offer premium protection for your home that looks beautiful and gives you a feeling of safety and security that lasts for years to come.


As stated earlier, Hometown Roofing is all about complete transparency. When we present roofing options, we’ll also explain some of the potential disadvantages of each roofing system.

In the case of slate roofing, you may find that it’s quite an expensive investment upfront. Slate roofing is particularly so, with prices ranging from $1,000 to over $6,000 per square installed. 

Slate roofs are also very heavy — weighing between 800 and 1500 pounds, or even more for commercial roofs. This means you will likely need to reinforce the roof deck to support its weight. 

Also, getting the right roofing contractor is an absolutely critical part of the process. Inexperienced roofers are far more likely to damage the slate and can cause more problems in the long run, especially since matching tiles are more difficult to find.