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Emergency Roof Repair

Hometown Roofing, Inc. offers roofing services to residential and commercial customers in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We provide emergency roof repair services you can trust and will get done right the first time.
If you own a home or business property, it is certain you will require roof repairs every once in a while. Therefore, there are a couple of things you need to know about roof reparation, depending on the type of roofing installed on your house or business location.

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For roof repairs, you should ensure you get services from the best roof repair contractors in town. Roof repair should always be considered something of an emergency because the slightest roof leak or damage might result in adverse effects later on.

However, if you’re noticing water coming through the roof when it’s raining, that’s a clear sign you need to call in a professional roof repair company.

Emergency Roof Tarping

This will protect both your home’s exterior and interior — especially the objects inside — until a full repair can be made.

Tarping becomes all the more necessary if hail has caused damage to any skylights you have. If you have a broken skylight, water can immediately enter your home and cause a whole host of damages.

Emergency roof repairs, like tarping, can help you avoid massive costs from water damage, mildew or mold on your property. We’ll make sure the tarp is safe and secure by nailing down the edges of the tarp and covering the nail heads with roofing cement. This is one of the most-effective ways of preventing rain from infiltrating your home.

Repairs also include applying additional roofing cement to any and all joints that are cracked or worn out. The cement can be applied on the edges of the flashing and doing this helps seal the roof, preventing further damage.

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Moreover, emergency roof repairs can be done by sliding any loose shingles back under the bottom edge of the row that is usually above. You can use 6D galvanized nails to secure the shingles, and ensure to cover the nail heads using roofing cement.

When you call our team, we’ll send someone over to provide on-the-spot repair that will provide temporary relief to the water intrusion until a more permanent solution can be put into place.

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Hometown Roofing specializes in new residential roofs in Dallas, Texas, and the DFW area, including Richardson. We have been in business in the Dallas area since 2002.

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