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Hail Damage Repair and Impact Resistant Shingles

With all the hail storms we get in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, you need all the protection you can get from hail storms. With this in mind, our team at Hometown Roofing can install high-quality impact resistant shingles.

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Impact Resistant Shingles are great for preventing you from having to replace your roof when the next hail storm arrives. Impact resistant shingles are not only stronger than the normal asphalt shingles but they also sometimes give you discounts on insurance premiums. Make sure to call your insurance agent ahead of time to see what rules and restrictions they have.

Hail damage can be hard on homeowners and cause future leaks if you ignore the damage and don’t get your roof repaired. Contact our team at Hometown Roofing today for your next hail damage project. We are experts in repairing hail damage around the Dallas and Forth Worth Area


Recognizing Hail Damage

DFW residents are no strangers to hail and its devastating effects. However, what most people don’t know is the size that hail needs to be in order to cause major damage. 

While pea (¼ inch) or marble-sized (½ inch) hail may not be enough to cause damage, quarter-sized (¾ inch) hail or larger can cause serious damage to your roof — and anything else it falls on.

After a hail storm, here are some things you can check — without having to climb on your roof — to see if you have hail damage:

  • Dents on gutters and downspouts
  • Damage to your mailbox
  • Hail marks on your siding or window sills
  • Torn screens
  • Paint damage

Hail Damage, Now What?

After a hail storm results in visible damage to your roof, you should hire someone to inspect it. This should be done promptly because hail damage may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

It won’t be covered, however, if you can’t show your roof repair occurred due to a covered event. “Covered event” is insurance-speak that essentially means a bad thing happened and is covered by your policy.

If the damage is extensive, it might make sense to hire an independent auditor who can deal with the documentation and claims process on your behalf. Otherwise, just hire someone promptly — like our team at Hometown Roofing — and have it documented and filed as early as possible.

Roof damage needs to be repaired promptly because when the integrity of the roof is compromised, it puts the entire house at risk of experiencing further damage. A small hole can let in the rain and this can soak the contents of the house. It can get worse with every incidence of rain following the damage until it is repaired.


Water damage is not always visible. When there is visible water damage, it is very often just the tip of the iceberg, as water damage is typically hidden behind a wall, in the attic or under the carpet. What seems to be a small problem can readily be a scarily large problem.

Furthermore, once everything gets wet, mold can begin to grow. This can be a serious and potentially life-threatening source of health problems, especially true if there are children, seniors or people with certain health issues living in the building.




Don’t be intimidated by the process of filing a claim. This is exactly the reason we have insurance to begin with: to help with life’s unexpected events that we cannot control.

If you are in need of any of hail damage roofing services in Dallas or Fort Worth, give us a call at (469) 214-3188 for a free roofing estimate!

Hail can cause a shocking amount of damage in a short period of time. Make sure you promptly to schedule an appointment with a trusted roofer following a hail storm. 

Those who don’t think hail damage is a big deal can wind up watching their property damage problems compound as time goes by, only to be told their claim is denied because the problem cannot be adequately tied back to the hail storm to prove it is a covered event.

Don’t let that be you. Keep our number (469) 214-3188 handy so you can call promptly, should anything go wrong. Put together a list of emergency numbers, including ours, and post them in a prominent place like on the side of the fridge or inside a kitchen cabinet door, where you will be sure to find them when you need them the most.

Studies show that having your hail damage properly documented and having an advocate on your side can dramatically increase the total payout by the insurance company, getting you all that you are rightfully due under the terms of your policy. 

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